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A few words from some of our lovely customers

I am a doctor, and work night shifts, 7 on 7 off. I have shift work sleep disorder and need a completely dark and quiet room to sleep after a full night of work.

I used to use a sleep app on my smartphone for white noise. But over time this kills the speaker in your cell phone I just killed the speaker in my Samsung S8 and blew out a iphone last time.

Mysleepie is a god-send. I love the different sounds and good volume. Mysleepie drowns the un-necessary sounds around you to make you sleep in peace.

Life Saver!

David S.

We were very tired of our baby getting up by just a tiny sound in the room and whenever we start the central heater we noticed that the background sound helps baby sooth and go into deep sleep.

I checked with few of my friends and found that there is this device which can help us generating multiple sounds.

I bought mysleepie after checking the feedback and I absolutely love it! Our baby sleeps the whole night and we have more freetime as parents. 

Linda O.

I highly recommend mysleepie! I bought this white noise machine to try to drown out the sound from my upstairs neighbor, who gets off work at 10:30 pm and brings home a few friends every night to stomp up the stairs and drag chairs across the wooden floor.

All that said, this tiny white box saved my sanity (and possibly my neighbor's life). It has multiple sound functions (lullabies, rain, white noise, crickets, etc.) and variable volume levels that effectively drown out nuisance sounds. I no longer wake up multiple times a night from jarring sounds from upstairs.

James T.

I am really loving this little sound machine. I am very sensitive to sounds at night, and with this little machine, I don't hear all of those annoying traffic and nature sounds that usually keep me awake. It's small, and rechargeable, it's very simple and it's been a game changer for me!

Mary L.